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Digital World News Network (DWNN) is a non-profit organization that photographs public events for free and provides the images to the public for use with the appropriate requests. Our photos can be used for any legal purpose, however the copyright of the image and work remains the property of DWNN which is now a One Rock Studio company.

Michael and his sister Rachel first started DWNN while in high school in the mid-1990's in order to allow students their age the opportunity to learn photography and photograph some of the amazing musicians of our time. Since then the organization has grown to cover all sorts of events for free and provide the photos for free to local and national media outlets. As Michael and his sister got older and began their adult lives, DWNN lived on and continues to grow and do work in the community but is now part of the One Rock Studio family which Michael and his step-brother-in-law own and operate. We now have 5 photographers working with us on a constant basis covering different events for private and public use.

For inquires or questions please email [email protected] and put DWNN in the subject.

Thank you for your time.


Michael A. Goldman


We are still transitioning all of the photo galleries over to the new home off of the One Rock Studio website, so please bare with us.

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Last Updated: 4/25/2015